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How to Refer to Chiropractic
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MD Program Introduction 10-2016 EDITED


Watch the video above and learn why we have been directly responsible for 825,000+ referrals from MD’s to chiropractic offices nationwide. This is a result of significant market research working with 1000’s of both MD primary care providers and MD specialists nationally in private, urgent care, hospital and academic settings. Our program is proven, reproducible and is updated "almost daily" with new research and strategies meeting the contemporary needs of the medical community to ensure ongoing referral relationships. This is why our doctors win year after year.

There is no one in the industry who has the experience and success record of the MD Referral Program.  Come JOIN US!

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Watch the video and learn why we have been responsible for over 100,000 personal injury referrals in 45 states. With over 3 decades of experience and conferring with over 130,000 lawyers in 33 states, we have a formula that is proven and changes regularly with new insurance mandates, court rulings and medical research.

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What IS Chiropractic?

Our Doctors Successes!

Ohio 2013:

I now get 2 cases every day from the medical community in my area. My ability to consistently educate the medical providers in my area is been a key component to my success.

Michigan 2015:

The lunch CEs have been awesome and very well received! The primary care doctors that I have presented to want to follow me and hear me speak again they were so impressed. Talk about dynamic change! We have a few more set up already for next month, and the docs have been pretty receptive because of the CME credits. This is going to lay the foundation for many more referral relationships! This is going to change how medical doctors perceive chiropractors! I am using these lunch CEs to build a following for your big 8 hour CE in March! These guys are really hungry to learn something different...

New York 2014:

I received 17 new patient referrals in 5 days!

Florida 2014:

“Regarding the Ortho I told you about that sent me the letter, instead of flying off the handle like I would have done before your program, I talked with him after a Network meeting we both attended for over an hour. I just got off the phone with him and plan to send him 2 more patients who really need his help beyond what I have been doing. The last patient I sent him was lost due to a neurosurgeon he had referred to. I told him I couldn’t be sending patients to him if the neurosurgeon he referred to was telling my patients NOT to see a Chiropractor. He agreed, told me of 2 new Neuro’s he is going to meet soon, and invited me to go with him to the meeting! Sounds like a success brewing here!”

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